Have you ever thought how good it would be to change the colour of your UPVC without replacing it or just freshen up the colour of your existing UPVC?

Here at House of Anderson we have the answer. It is now possible to change the colour of your UPVC windows, doors and conservatories saving you up to 80% in costs compared with replacing. UPVC respraying is also a long term investment, with a 50 year life expectancy and therefore is a great home improvement at an affordable price. If your conservatory is looking a little tired then call us today as our UPVC respraying service will restore it to its former glory with minimal disruption and a fraction of the price of replacement. We can also spray your UPVC inside the house as well. NO MESS! We completely mask off the area to prevent any oversprays to concisely and safely respray your UPVC.

Spraying your UPVC will not only modernise your property but also add value to it. If you have any Windows, Doors or a Conservatory that you would like to change the colour of then contact us today. We can make any colour you want.